The origin of kogin.

It is said that Kogin was started during Edo period.

Tsugaru area is the west part of Aomori prefecture.It places in the northern most tip of Honsyu.

According to historical records,a woman in Tsugaru area wears kogin embroidered clothes in Edo period(). Despite cold and snowing in winter,farmers were only allowed coarse linen clothes. So women of farm villeges started to mend and reinforced the clothes of the linen weave by stitching with cotton thread. After that geometric patterns was embroidered instead of stitching.Each geometric patterns have the name came from flower,animals insects,and Japanese traditional patterns.


For example "Oumin-zu-i(奥民図彙)" is a record of Tsugaru area in the latter half of 18th century.In this record,we can find the drawing of a woman who wear clothes with "Sashi-koginu"meaning kogin embroidery.

Tools of embroidery.

I'd like to talk about tools for kogin work.


Needles for kogin embroidery is not as sharp as sewing needle.The reason is kogin embroidery stitches through the thread during the fabric weave.

■Pin cushion;It made of the cloth for kogin embroidery.I also put some marking pins.

■Scissors;I use scissors for embroidery.It's small and suits for cutting thread.

■Thimbles;I put it on my middle finger of right hand.Using thimble,I can press the needle firmly.

■Ruler;I use it to check the place I am currently stitching.By doing it,I can prevent mistake.

When I want to stop stitching for a while,I put a piece of masking tape on the pattern of embroidery.

So maskingtape is also in my needle holder.

■Cloth and threads.

We usually use rough cloth linen.The specialized cloth for kogin are sold at some handicraft shop.The cloth for crossstitching can use for kogin.

Thread for kogin are also sold.If you have difficult to get them,the usual embroidery thread also available.


I started blog to write articles about kogin embroidery.

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